A South African Police Service, Vanderbijlpark Sakekamer and Vesco Community Enterprises (VCE) initiative

Community Police Forum's
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The Initiative


Combating of Crime via CPF

Our honorable State President Thabo Mbeki in a speech to the National House of Traditional Leaders in Cape Town recently stated that all South Africans should ask themselves and I quote “what they are doing to combat crime instead of asking what the Government and SAPS are doing about it”? Various other political leaders have also expressed this view since then.

The Chamber of Commerce as a responsible corporate citizen needs nobody to remind us about our social responsibility towards this cause. We have been involved with various projects aimed at combating crime for a number of years already. We saw the revitalization of the CPFas an ideal opportunity to broaden our role in combating crime. With this in mind an interim CPF has been established under the auspices the Chamber until the official election of a fully representative CPF in April 2008.

Current responsibilities


Last Meeting:

During the last meeting of the CPF Steering committee the following projects were identified that we would like to start with immediately.

  1. Establishing a junior police reservist system at schools. The aim of the system will be to identify and report situations that may lead to crime. Children will not be put at risk.
  2. Develop an interactive Webpage for the CPF
  3. Start a Jobless centre- Unemployed people can register at this centre. Members of the community can visit the centre to hire a reputable part time employee.

The Chamber of Commerce has set aside an amount to kickstart the programme.

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